Tuesday, January 27, 2015

By necessity, life slows down...if only for a day

Thankfully, the power is back on. We were without for only about five hours this morning. But the blizzard still rages--and Juno is supposed to be with us on into tonight.

DH is sick: either a reaction to immunization yesterday, or that flu bug certainly floating around our pediatricians' office. (Why didn't I ask to wait on this appointment until we're back?)

So now I am in his room as he sleeps. Braškė is catching up on her sleep--I was up and watching earlier last night, and then she was "on duty" later in the night / early morning.

Finished my Havel book. Drinking coffee, watching the trees whip in the snowy wind. Monitoring his breathing. Making sure we still have power.

There's nowhere to go today--and we can't even shovel until the wind abates. No push to pack or clean--at least not until he's healthier.

No: today is, ironically, a luxury. Life has slowed down.