Saturday, May 16, 2015

Catching up with old 'friends'

One of the simple pleasures of being back in Lithuania is revisiting old stomping grounds (Vilnius Old Town still has the magic), listening to local radio (M1+ is streaming as I write this), and even reconnecting with old reads like The Vilnius Review.

Formerly available in a kiosk next to the Vilnius bus station (among other places),
several years' worth of The Vilnius Review can now be downloaded for free!
This is a literary journal along the lines of Granta or The Paris Review, but of course with a local/national slant. Along with the now-defunct daily program "Radio Vilnius" and the still-kicking Baltic Times, Vilnius (as it was called in the 1990s) was another English-language "way in" to Lithuanian news and culture, invaluable to an eager student looking for material.

If you've ever visited (or lived) in Lithuania and/or have a stake in world literature, have a look.

Click here to access free download options for back issues of The Vilnius Review!